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Stream Go Media’s mission is to help content creators gain the missing advertising revenue they deserve.

Stream Go Media creates OTT/CTV channels in partnership with global film and video content creators bringing their content and their own company’s branded channel to the North American audience. 

Using our proprietary software and advertising technology alongside the most knowledgeable OTT/Monetization team in the industry, Stream Go Media’s Content Partners earn more advertising dollars for the content they create.  

Stream Go Media allows their content partners to have their own branded channels without any cost or risk to effectively monetize your channels and content under the Stream Go Media umbrella. 

Stream Go Media is developing 150 + video channels this year on the ROKU OTT platform and soon will be launching on Amazon Fire Stick, Android, Chromecast, iOS and other global platforms.

The company is based in New York City with headquarters in Times Square and with teams in New York, California, Europe, India & South America,  Stream Go Media is one of the fastest growing companies in the OTT ecosystem. 



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Why Partner with Stream Go Media?

What makes us different

By building audience segmentation among Stream Go Media’s content partners, content creators gain access to higher paying and better fill rates that have historically only been accessible by the largest companies in the industry. 

Associating with Stream Go Media:

With the growing awareness of short films there is clearly a huge demand for Indian short films among the diaspora audience especially in the USA. Pocket Films is proud to partner with Stream Go Media to address this growing international demand for its content. Stream Go Media’s knowledge and experience with working on Roku, the most popular streaming service in the US, will be instrumental in improving the reach of our short films to new audiences and improving revenues for our creators.

Saameer Mody,

Founder of Pocket Films

The rise of independent films has led to a huge demand and potential globally for content creators to reach their target audience and monetize their content. Pickurflick is proud to partner with Stream Go Media to launch multiple channels for indie cinema on Roku. With Stream Go Media’s expertise on Roku and adtech, Pickurflick aims to establish its footprint in North America

Abhishek Sinha,

CEO & Founder Pickurflick


The OTT Revolution is Here

With 1 in 3 households “cutting the cord” OTT has emerged as the new way to consume content. With 60 million OTT devices in US households alone, the race is on for content creators to get their content on and properly monetized. This is where Stream Go Media comes in. A strategic partnership with Stream Go Media can get your content in front of the massively growing OTT audience quickly, efficiently, and at no cost allowing content creators to earn more money for their content.


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