What We Do

We match publishers and content creators with advertisers

Stream Go Media  creates OTT/CTV channels in partnership with global film and video content creators both independent and mainstream bringing their long form, high quality, movies, short films, TV series, news, sports and commentary to the North American audience.

Stream Go Media is developing 150 video channels this year on the OTT platform Roku and soon to be launching on Amazon Fire Stick, Android, Chromecast, iOS and other global platforms.

Stream Go Media allows their content partners to have their own branded channels without any cost or risk. For video content providers, we build your channels, design the look and feel with your company with your branding, stream your content, market and build audiences targeting a wide range of demographics to effectively monetize your channels and content under the Stream Go Media umbrella all without cost to your company.

Stream Go Media is building scalable demographic audience segments that are highly desirable to brands, advertisers, Ad agencies and DSP’s whom they work with to bring new additional revenue streams back to their partner video content creators.

The company is based in New York City with headquarters in Times Square and with teams in New York, California, Europe, India & South America, Stream Go Media is one of the fastest growing companies in the OTT ecosystem.

For content creators please contact content@streamgomedia.com.

For advertisers and agencies please contact  sales@streamgomedia.com

For strategic partnerships please contact info@streamgomedia.com.

Meet our team

Bradley Grosh
Smart Start CEO
Gloria Mann
Senior Lecturor
Sam Kromstain
Applied Researcher
John Franklin
Graphic Designer

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